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The time dedicated to fieldwork in market research can often be extensive. Research data is typically very wide, with studies including a huge range of variables in order to gather the ‘whole picture’. Even simply opening a market research data file can prove a slow process, owing to the significant amount of data collected, and market research organisations face a very labour intensive period to quickly and accurately produce reports.

But what if the picture painted from the data, and all of the preceding work is ‘pointless’? Let me explain.

Businesses need reports which directly relate to their constantly changing needs, enabling them to immediately make important decisions based on the data. But imagine they discover an unexpected insight from the data, and want to explore it further to determine the best possible action. Waiting for the reports to be re-produced all over again to look at a different perspective is very time consuming and unsuitable for these high paced standards.

Another challenge for market research data, particularly for public studies, is that those using the data may not be trained in how to interpret research and therefore may miss some of the key insights to begin with.

Therefore a solution is needed which enables all users, irrespective of research background or business needs, to make the data meaningful within a very small timeline. Data Liberation designed and built their system with this in mind. It allows users to select which variables they are interested in, making wide data sets user friendly, and preventing users from being overloaded with irrelevant information.

The automated, online dashboard allows respondent level analysis, enabling users to apply filters and delve deeper into the data to create their own relevant and meaningful picture.