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Interactive dashboards

Our interactive dashboards let you run Javascript charts and tables within minutes – no matter the size of your data.

Pick your colour palettes (always stay on brand!), apply the filters you want and hover over the elements to view your data labels. Easy as pie – or rather pie charts…

Deck Creator

Displaying a range of dashboards tailored for you, our Deck Creator makes drilling in to your data as simple as a few clicks.

By using the dynamic filters to specify what you need to know, those all important insights are delivered to your screen in seconds meaning no more waiting around and no more endless digging.

They can also be quickly downloaded into a PowerPoint deck – just in time for that unexpected meeting.

Top Line Reporter - Charts and Tables

Top Line Reporter is our simple, very fast tool for performing a quick visual analysis of your survey data.

Using the Top Line Reporter first choose how you’d like your data displayed – whether that’s a bar chart, line graph, table or even word cloud.

Then, after selecting your variables and applying filters, click to run your report. Hey presto – even with giant data sets (and we mean giant) your charts are delivered into PowerPoint within minutes – fully branded and ready to go. It’s like data magic.



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